Assistant Professor, UNEJ Faculty of Law
S.H. (UNEJ), M.A. (UGM), LL.M. (Lancaster), Ph.D. (SOAS)

Senior Lecturer, UNAIR Faculty of Law

S.H. (UNAIR), M.A. (Mahidol), Dr. (Leiden)

Lecturer and Researcher, ULM Faculty of Law

S.H. (ULM), M.H. (UII), Ph.D. (Queensland)

Manunggal K. Wardaya

S.H (UNSOED)., LL.M (Monash University)

Centre for Human Rights Studies UNSOED Purwokerto

Assistant Professor, UNEJ Faculty of Law
S.H. (UNEJ), M.H. (Airlangga University)

S.H. (Raden Intan Lampung State Islamic University), M.H. (Islamic University of Indonesia), Dr. (Islamic University of Indonesia)

Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Airlangga

S.H. (Unair), M.A. (Onati, Spain)

Researcher at Centre for Human Rights Studies, University of Surabaya.

Sarjana Sastra(Petra Christian University), Master of Human Rights Education (Curtin University of Technology)

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Researcher, UBAYA

S.Pi. (Hang Tuah), M.PAA (Victoria)

Lecturer, UII Faculty of Law

S.H. (UII), M.H. (UII)

Lecturer, UNEJ Faculty of Public Health
S.Sos. (UNEJ), M.A. (Amsterdam), Ph.D. (Victoria)

Lecturer, UNEJ Faculty of Law
S.H.I. (UIN Yogyakarta), LL.M. (UGM)

Lecturer, UNEJ Faculty of Law
S.H. (UNEJ), LL.M. (Osmania University)


Lecturer, Faculty of law, University of Brawijaya

S.H. (Brawijaya) M.Phil (University of Oslo, Norway)

Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Airlangga University

S.H. (Airlangga), M.A. (Flinders University)

Regina Elisa Wijayanti

Regina graduated from International Relations Department, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences University of Jember Indonesia.

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